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Hey Guys! I am always working to make my members happy and to make the best website it can be!

I listen to all of my members’ suggestions, concerns, and feedback to improve my site every day and to make it the coolest place for all of us!

- XOXOX Chloe

Is this a non-nude website?
Yes, this is a 100% non-nude website.
How often does Chloe update her website?
Every week she adds new photos. In addition, she uploads new video clips often.
How old is Chloe? Is she really 18 yrs?
Yes! Chloe is really 18 yrs old.
Does Chloe have her own personal email address?
Yes! When you become a member, you will get access to Chloe’s personal email address. Chloe actually answers all of her emails.
Is Chloe planning on adding new products to her store?
Chloe is planning on adding a lot of cool stuff. Look for DVD’s and exclusive CDs soon!
I would like to order a “custom shoot” of Chloe. Is this possible?
I’m sorry, but currently Chloe does not do custom shoots. This may change in the future so check back soon.
Oh no! I forget my password. What do I do?
Please go to: to retrieve you password information.
How do I cancel my reaccuring membership?
Please see: to cancel your rebill
Is Chloe’s site safe to join? private information is shared. The sign up process is safe, 100% secure and fraud-screened.
I don’t have a credit card, can I still join?
Yes. You can use an online check or use the 1-900 number to join Chloe’s site.
Can I share my password with others?
No. We do not allow password sharing of any kind. If we find that you are sharing your login information, your account will be terminated.

If your questions were not answered on this page, feel free to contact us with your questions or feedback at:

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